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White Gold engagement Rings – Why it has grown in Popularity

White gold engagement rings have become even more fashionable due to their trendy sophistication and their much-understated glamour. Obviously, any piece of jewelry won't be harmed fashion wise once the likes of Elizabeth Hurley, Jennifer Aniston, and Eva Longoria are seen wearing white gold engagement rings.

 White Gold engagement Rings - Why it has grown in Popularity

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The excellent thing about white gold is the fact that it still keeps that steely modern appearance normally associated with platinum but at a far lower price. This gives them a much bigger advantage in times when everybody wants to save money where they can. This sort of jewelry was created in times of great hardship worldwide.

It was just soon after the conclusion of the First World War that white jewelry climbed in its popularity. This resulted from the fact that platinum has been already been consumed in vast amounts and had quite a high cost which only skyrocketed with the call for white jewelry.

Since platinum is so tough and very tricky for jewelers to work with has made it such a costly material. It became evident that an alternative was necessary, something more powerful than silver yet somewhat less expensive than platinum.

It's quite rare you will see any piece of jewelry that's made of pure gold, this is because pure gold is truly a very soft metal and can easily be bent and scratched, not everything you would like to happen to something you've just paid plenty of money for. This is the reason gold is mixed with other substances to make it even more hard wearing.

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