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Top Five Destinations for your Holiday Bucket List

We often hear people talking about their bucket lists, and how they plan to dance the tango with a Hollywood movie star while clambering to the summit of Mount Everest, but for many of us, our dreams are a little more realistic. While some people fantasies about sports cars and swimming with dolphins, the rest of us think only in terms of travel. Here are five common destinations for those who want to fulfill their life-long ambitions.


Although there are many places around the world which have become synonymous with idyllic beaches, palm trees, and blue oceans, Hawaii perhaps remains the king of them all. A trip to America’s most remote state in the heart of the Pacific Ocean conjures up images of relaxed afternoons, exciting evenings and memories that will last a lifetime. Waikiki Beach is a must-visit, although of course there are several more which are worthy of the trip.


There are plenty of impressive city break destinations across Europe and the Americas, but a holiday in Sydney is for most of us a one-off occasion that is truly unique. The Opera House and Harbour Bridge are rightly regarded as tourist magnets, of course, but the whole city exudes character. No trip to the jewel in Australia’s crown is complete without a stroll along the waterfront area, a day at Manly Zoo and a relaxing afternoon on the famous Bondi Beach.


Although it has been a major tourist destination for many decades, Bali’s popularity has increased greatly in recent years. The island is a province in Indonesia, and it provides the perfect holiday location for anyone who wants to get away from it all while being surrounded by some of the most beautiful vistas to be found anywhere. There are many wonderful places to visit on Bali, but if you had to pick one be sure to choose Kuta, a former fishing village on the southern coast.


Just a few years ago Dubai was something of an introverted location that welcomed very few international travelers, but a period of heavy investment has transformed the place into one of the most enjoyable destinations on the planet. Beautiful beaches, exciting night-spots, glamorous shopping areas, spectacular beaches and a stunning climate all combine to make this pearl in the Persian Gulf a favorite with millions of travelers.


There are few destinations in the world which almost demand to be explored by car, but California is certainly one of them. Thanks to companies like 121 Car Hire it’s possible to find an excellent deal on vehicle rental, enabling you to get behind the wheel and see what the American dream is all about. Radio pumping, sun shining and the open road stretching out in front of you, it’s hard not to feel a little tinge of excitement and anticipation because you’re not quite sure what’s in store for you when you set out in the mornings. Tom Hayward lives in England and is always thinking about his next vacation.

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