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Social Media Activities On Canada Day

Canada Day is celebrated every year on July 1st to mark the birth of Canada on the World map. This year Canada will be celebrating it’s 151 st Birthday. Canada Day is an official Holiday and people celebrate this day with full passion and fun. There are many activities that people love to perform on Canada Day. These activities include following things.


Wearing patriotic clothes
Eating Canadian Food
BBQs with Family/Friends
Watching Fireworks
Participating in Parades
Celebrating on Social Media

Social Media on Canada Day

Social Media has become an important part of our life. People love to share their best moments with friends on social media. What can be the best moment for Canadians except for their nation’s birthday? They love to express their love and gratitude towards Canada on their Social media. Now there can be many ways to Celebrate Canada Day on Social Media and some of them are

Using Canada Day Images as your profile picture.
Posting Canada Day Quotes on your social media.
Sharing Canada Day eCards with your friends and family.
Posting Canada Day Clipart on your account.

How to Celebrate on Social Media

Canada Day Images can be used to express your feelings about your nation on its birthday. Best Canada Day Quotes can be used to share respect towards Canada. eCards can be used to wish your friends & family a very Happy Canada Day 2018. You can also use Canada Day Cliparts to print them on various items and celebrate this event. You can find some of the Best Canada Day Pictures here.

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