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Should I Be Doing Kegels When Taking Flotrol?

Flotrol is a bladder control supplement that works perfectly fine on its own to strengthen the bladder muscles and calm down the over-spasming of the detrusor muscle. There is no need for you to do kegels or any other form of pelvic floor muscle exercises while taking this supplement in order for it to work effectively. However, doing kegels is a good idea for anyone to help strengthen the bladder muscles over the long-term. 

Kegels can be done pretty much anywhere you feel the desire to. The best part about these exercises is that you don't need any equipment and no one else will really notice that you're doing them. The idea is to squeeze the muscles that you would use to stop your stream of urination. You may need to actually urinate and stop midstream to get a feel for these muscles. It's not recommended to do that on a consistent basis as it could lead to urinary tract infections. So, do it once to see what those muscles truly feel like in a contracted state.

Once you figure that out, you can move on to practicing your exercises daily. Opt for holding the muscles in a contracted state for five seconds and then release them for five seconds. Repeat these movements for a set of five to ten each day. You may want to build up to more sets each day and even do multiple workout sessions each day. Just remember that building strong bladder muscles reuires that you have the right hormones present in your body. Flotrol can provide these hormones as you can see at, which is a necessary part to regaining control over your normal bladder functions.

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