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Pink diamonds, why is everyone raving about them?

If your looking for a splash or colour and rarity in a diamond, then look no further than pink diamonds. 


This is where to begin when considering the purchase of such a diamond. Quality coloured diamonds are rare in themselves anyway, and gem quality pink diamonds are a scarce and sought-after commodity.  The environment that they form in is unique to a point where there is still speculation from scientists. 

This much we do know is that temperatures would have had to exceed 1000 degrees Celcius and under pressures of up to 60kbars during events that took place hundreds of millions of years ago. 

These coloured stoned then take an age to reach the surface through geologic events and forms of erosion.  This explains why they are concentrated in small pockets of the earth in a few places. Making them difficult to extract and therefore extremely expensive to mine, and buy. 

The place where they are most abundant is in Western Australia at the Argyle mine, in Kimberly.  This mine incredibly is responsible for over 90% of the entire world's production of gem quality pink diamonds. 

The even more astounding statistic is that this is less than 1/10th of 1 per cent of the mines annual diamond production. 

These are so rare that every year they get put up for tender, but only unveiled to the worlds premier dealers and collectors at private events, behind closed doors where buyers can make offers for them. 

One year in 2013 the Argyle factory only released 56 pink diamonds, and this still fell into the category of over 80% of that year's global production, so these are so rare, you will pay a premium price for them.  

Many investors around the world are now adding them to their portfolio's as the mine has been said to be closing in 2021. Click here for advice on pink diamond investment as pink diamonds are now a safer bet than most companies floated on the stock exchanges. 

Diamonds are not just a girl's best friend; they are everyone's best friend. 

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