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Some Main Purpose Why People Create Crazy Websites

You must have been searching for some crazy websites because you might be tired of looking at useful things at work or after work. It is surely not going to make you smarter but it will be going to help you to regain energy and will make you fresh. As I know about my work, which is very serious in nature. People who think of making such websites might be doing it without any purpose, but indirectly it comes to the attention of many people that this is also a way to attract others with a marketing perspective.

Crazy Websites

Below ideas are being used by creating humor to advertise products or services.

  1. By making funny mimicry video of actor/actress.
  2. By creating funny prank video.
  3. By creating funny animal videos.
  4. Making videos of people falling like fat people falling, funny falls in fashion-show, WWE, gym, cricket, football, and water etc.

Impact of crazy websites on human lives

Psychological scientists David Cheng and Lu Wang of the University of New South Wales found that people who watched funny video clip spent twice as long on a tedious task compared to people who watched neutral or positive videos.

If you don’t know, then let me tell you that foods enriched with vitamin C can boost our immune system. And laughter can do the same. According to scientists, laughing activates some of the immune cells in your body. So, to reduce your risk of infections, just watch more funny videos.

Stress levels can also reduce by watching the crazy websites. It can make the anxiety go away by watching one funny video clip after the other. By laughing, your brain is flooded with chemicals that make you feel happy and these chemicals are powerful enough to drive your anxious thoughts away.

Instead of watching depressing romantic films and taking snacks, go grab your smartphone or tablet and check out the latest crazy websites available on the internet, it will lift your mood.

I can also use funny clips to advertise my company products in a way so that it can grab the attention of the audience. This method is also being used by so many others nowadays. Makers of such websites also earn a lot by publishing stupidities of people around the world because it’s a way that your website visitors got increased.

In Business world such techniques are used to deliver training, doing marketing, and even used to calm down angry customers. It also boosts productivity at workplace. Many Successful organizations like Virgin, and Google, willfully build play areas into their workspaces and organize fun events with the intent that the humor arising from these events will mitigate the stressful nature of work, boost morale, and increase productivity.

Although humorous videos have been found to help relieve stress and facilitate social relationships but to maximize the chances of success, you should promote or upload such videos which are humorous. It should not include violence just to create humor because this may lead to less popularity. We suggest that humor is not only enjoyable but more importantly, energizing.”

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