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Learning About Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank University

Although there are already a very large number of detailed Clickbank University reviews on the Internet, I want to start this article off with a quick overview of what Clickbank University is – then talk about how you can use it to learn all about affiliate marketing and even how to create your own products and sell them.

Clickbank University is an educational resource that contains two courses – one eight week affiliate marketing course and one six week product creation course.  In addition to this there are tools that are included with both the basic and more advanced membership options – these are worth using, as they are cheaper than stand alone alternatives that are available, sometimes for over $100 a month.

The key feature of Clickbank University is how you can learn pretty much all the basics and intermediate level knowledge and start earning as an affiliate in less than eight weeks.  It’s also the only resource that’s officially endorsed by Clickbank itself, which is probably the best affiliate marketplace for newcomers.

If you want to get the most out of your membership to Clickbank University’s online courses, then I recommend that you start with the affiliate marketing course and make sure you focus entirely on that.  Do not switch between different affiliate marketing courses from different providers, just use those on the Clickbank University site.

Focus on Clickbank University’s affiliate marketing course first, as it contains all the tutorials you should need.  Then move on later to the product creation course that’s also included with the basic membership to Clickbank University.

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