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Is Dry Carpet Cleaning Right For Wool Rugs?

As you dive deeper into the carpet cleaning industry, you may find new questions popping up. There are various materials that carpets can be made out of. Each requires its own level of specialty care. If you use the wrong cleaning methods on specific materials, it can actually damage them. To ensure that you don't damage your wool rugs, it's important that you understand how to properly clean them.

Dry carpet cleaning is becoming a new fade for many reasons. One of which is because it works great on wool carpets. Traditionally wood carpets required regular cleaning via vacuuming or beating out the fibers. This is a time-consuming task that most homeowners don't want to endure. Unfortunately, the wool fibers can't be easily cleaned with hot water extraction carpet cleaning methods as the wool material retains too much moisture.

The dry cleaning method allows a professional to come in an easily clean your wool carpets without damaging them. This method works by applying a detergent to the carpets that are to be cleaned. Then, the professional carpet cleaning State College company will use a special machine with brushes to get the detergent deep into the wool fibers of the carpet. Once the carpet has been brushed with the specialized machine, it will be sucked up with a high-powered vacuum to remove all the built-up soils that were in the carpet. This leaves a new refreshed look for your wool carpets within about an hour's time.

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