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Hair Loss Due to Medication

Individuals undergoing particular drugs have been discovered to endure thinning hair. Clinical trials point to healthcare products which have undesirable side effects which have a reduction. Girls are especially vulnerable to hair loss due to drugs.

Known Medications

One of the known drugs documented to cause baldness thinning is steroids and birth control pills which disturb the body's balancing action generating hormones. Anti-depressants additionally account for the most frequent medicine that leads to thinning hair as a complication.

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Specifically, drugs including Lithium and Depakote or Valproate have been regularly documented to induce hair to put in into the telogen or resting phase and after 3-4 months lead them to remain on your comb or brush rather than on you are your own scalp.

Hair Loss Due to Medication

What to Do?

Experts concur that the best approach to arrest receding hair would be to stop or lower the consumption of medication that's causing your hair to thin out. However, you have to get help from your physician about your situation and to choose alternative medicine or lessen the prescribed dose.

Just do not expect immediate hair regrowth. Be mindful that baldness brought on by medication can take at least 6 per month to observe any improvement or recovery of your hair development.

Excessive Doses

Some medications have active ingredients which are known to cause baldness. Some endure when taking the medicine in moderation or clinically prescribed. However, generally speaking, any kind of extra doses of most drugs, vitamin, and mineral supplements may lead to baldness.

Drug or chemical abuse such as carrying in greater antidepressants than prescribed could be ruinous to a own scalp health. As they say, a lot of anything could be harmful.


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