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Great Ideas to Make Your University Room More Homely

Leaving home and moving into university halls is a big step in the lives of many students. It marks a period of independence, fun and higher learning. However, although this period is extremely exciting—unfortunately, university halls often aren’t. Most students will tell you that when they first moved to university they were met by an incredibly plain, dull and cold room. This is often the first time when students realize that they really have moved out and are no longer living at home. Luckily, there are plenty of things that can be done to change this situation and make your university room homelier. Read on to find out what these things are.


Bed Linen

Choosing the same, or similar, bed linen to the set that you use at home is a superb way to make your university room that little homelier. However, if you have been using bed linen with the image of your favorite character from a childhood television programmed on, then you may want to purchase some new bed linen. No matter what pattern/image you choose you should always ensure that it’s high quality to ensure that you get the most out of it.


Before you purchase and begin using candles in your university room you will need to check your university’s policy on whether they are allowed or not. Nonetheless, they are a great way of creating a homely atmosphere in your university room. Scented candles are even better when it comes to this.


Cushions are another good method that you can use. There are generally two choices when it comes to choosing cushions to use. The first is buying readymade cushions that help to add a homely feel to your room. The other option is to make them yourself. A great idea is to make them with a family member so that every time you see the cushion/cushions you will immediately associate it with home.


Using rugs is a great option, mainly because they can help to cover dated carpets, which are all too common of university rooms. They are also great as they will help to add a little more warmth to a room, helping to create a homely feel.


There aren’t many university rooms that are without posters on their walls—and for good reasons. You can choose to have posters of all kinds of different things from your favorite band to inspirational quotes, all of which help to create a room that feels more like home. Most university rooms have a poster sale during the first few weeks of moving in, but online sites are also a good option.


Photos are excellent when it comes to turning boring university rooms into more of a home. When using photos, it’s always a good idea to go with prints instead of an electronic photo displayed. This is because they allow you to be a little more creative and arrange them in awesome patterns on your wall.


Artwork is something that a lot of students use to make their university rooms homelier. Anything from a custom wood prints to a homemade collage will work fantastically in any university room. A piece of art that has sentimental value will be even better.


Plants are a great way to make your university room feel a little homelier if you are willing to water them. If you are likely to forget, it may be a better idea to invest in a plant that doesn’t require frequent watering such as a cactus, or to purchase some artificial flowers instead. Regardless of the flowers that you decide on, even just using one or two will make a world of difference.

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