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Face Cream for Dry Skin in Summer

When you think of a dry eye glow, you can mix this image with very cold temperatures that wound heavily on our skin. Summer is not too sad, dry skin types should not make the usual terms of care for their skin as a minority is more soil. Summer can quickly trust the skin, due to possible criminals, many sun exposure and severe chemicals are Keep reading-chlorine pools. Here, six tips to help you with your dry skin – to help cope with the scalp during the summer months.


If your surface skin is dry, you are likely to feel comfortable in your skin feeling comfortable. Do not remove them for summer! After cleaning, use them through the heat and need it all day. For our long-term sympathy, hydraulic are our favorite? Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream. The formula is facing dynamic hydration technology so that water can be divided and locked in all facial areas. As a result, the colors of your skin look delicate, more glow, and are moisture absorbed.


Think that heaters are the only artificial air source that can dry your skin safely? Think again Air conditioner, moisture outside the air and moisture, which looks dry in the summer. If you can not avoid them, for example, like an office, get out of your daily work. Just make sure to keep the skin soon enough to cope with your skin throughout the day.

TIP #3: Exfoliate WEEKLY

Skin cells with skin help clean the appearance of skin with a clean nutrient in a week and help with a refrigeration color.


Drying glow can benefit from a hydraulic mask, which includes moisture in your skin’s surface. Skin Harvesting B5 Mask is developed with the ingredients known to keep the weight of 1000x with Vitamins B5 and Hydro-Acid-water and is designed for all skin types to help the skin in hydraulic.


By now, you should already know that every day 15 or more SPF has to wear water resistant, wide spectrum sunscreen every day. When the summer increases in summer and you spend more time, collectively collect SPF and take other sun protection measures to protect your skin’s skin. But once the sunscreen is not enough to apply only once. You will have to re-continue because the day goes at least every two hours – Your skin may be due to UV rays to help keep the skin safe against the damage. Like La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60, opt for a wide spectrum SPF.

Tip #6: Embrace FACE Mists

Thickener and face mask is very good to add humidity at the skin level. Another great product to keep in the tournament? A hydraulic face fog! Many people have rejected the facial fist as buying unnecessary skin care, but they can complete our new life in your dry looking skin. One of our likes is Kyle’s Cactus Flower and Tibetan gaming hiking. It is manufactured with cactus flowers, an insulating desert flower that spreads in extremely dry conditions, and Tibetan glycines is a mountainous plant that sticks in the high-altitude season, as well as accessories, gurneys, and lovers. Oil. Spoon makes it feel soft and smooth to help maintain its moisture in the shining skin. The mistake is also fresh. Perfect pick-up to spoil the appearance of skin standing at the office or on the beach.

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