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Dress Code and Fashion Rules for Ascot Ladies Day

The Ascot Gold Cup, more popularly known as Ladies Day for the Royal Ascot Races, is one of those few occasions when women in Britain really dress up! The elegance and beauty of the outfits traditionally displayed at the races are almost unparalleled when compared with any other event.

Well, with the royal family setting the standards, what else would you expect? This really is the high point of formal fashion in the country and everyone who attends makes the most of it! The chance to dress according to set rules while still standing out from the crowd and impressing onlookers is a challenge no woman can resist.


The rules have, in fact, become more stringent over the passing years. The requirements for dressing ‘like a lady’ have apparently been floated by people too often, so a strict set of rules have been set in place for the events at the Royal Ascot races and dress code assistants have been hired to ensure that guests follow them.

Fashion Rules for the Ascot Ladies Day

If you want to be present at the Ascot Races this year, or rub shoulders with the most elite this Royal Ascot Ladies Day Betting at the races, there are some rules that you need to follow. While some of these have always been in place (whether verbally passed on or just ‘understood’), others have been added to the list by the fashion police!

Some of the rules that are in place, especially for the royal enclosure and grandstand, include:

Skirts and dresses need to be just above knee-length or longer, while shorts have been banned completely. Blouses, tops and dresses cannot be strapless, while straps need to be a minimum of one inch in width. Sheer strap dresses or tops are not permitted either. Halter necks and off-shoulder tops or dresses are not allowed, neither are midriff-baring outfits or tops. Trouser suits can be worn, if they are of matching material and color. The tops that you wear with them should follow the rules listed above.

Jackets and pashmina shawls can be worn if the clothing items under them do not reveal shoulders or midriffs. For the Royal Enclosure, you need to wear a hat or headpiece with a base that is a minimum of 4 inches diameter. Fascinators are not acceptable.

Fascinators, hats, and headpieces are a must-have for the grandstand and you will be handed one by the dress code assistants if you are not wearing one.

These rules for the dress code are being enforced at the Ascot Races, so make sure that you follow them. If you don’t, you may find yourself being handed a pashmina to cover up or handed items that are missing from your outfit, like hats or fascinators. Since people attending the event are supposed to reflect style and refinement, you need to make sure you toe the line!

Since the Ascot races are all about elegance and glamour choose flamboyant colors and styles if they fit the rules!

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