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Choosing the Right Cable Tie

Cable ties are frequently used in many mechanical, electrical and industrial applications. These are also known as zip ties, ty-wraps, wire wraps, cable wraps and nylon ties. These are available in various colours, shapes and materials. Following are a few things that one should consider before purchasing cable ties:


1. Material

Most cables ties are made from nylon, stainless steel, fluoropolymer and detectable metal. Stainless steel and detectable metal cable ties are usually used in industries, factories and on construction sites as they are oil and heat resistant and can also survive in harsh weather conditions. Ties made from nylon and fluoropolymer are usually used for home and commercial use. 

2. Sizes/Strength

Cables ties are also available in various sizes and widths. So, each of these are used for a different purpose. Depending on the material and size of the zip tie, their tensile strength varies. The common range varies from 18 pounds to 175 pounds. The kind of project for which you need ties plays an essential role in the selection process. 

3. Temperature Range

Each type of cable tie has a different temperature range. Ties made from nylon have the lowest temperature range and this is the reason these are usually used in homes or for commercial purposes. Ties that are used in factories, on construction sites and in industries are those which are made of metal or stainless steel as they can survive in extreme temperatures.

There are reusable cable ties in both nylon and metal which can easily be opened to use again and again.

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