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Benefits Of Choosing Energy Saving Light Bulbs

You have probably heard all the talk lately about energy saving light bulbs such as LED and CFL bulbs. You may be wondering if these light bulbs are better than other light bulbs, or if they all perform the same. Since they tend to cost a little more initially, you certainly want to know how these new light bulbs are going to affect your wallet. Well, you will be happy to know that there are several great benefits to choosing these bulbs in place of standard light bulbs, and do not worry, your wallet is going to be happy too. Here is a look at the top three great benefits you will see from replacing your current light bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs.


Last Longer

Both LED and CFL light bulbs will outperform standard light bulbs every time. While you are likely to change your current light bulbs every one to two months, energy saving light bulbs only need to be replaced an average of once per year. This is a huge difference that will make a great impact on your wallet. Not only will you not have to worry about taking time to replace your light bulbs monthly throughout the year, but you will not need to purchase as many light bulbs either. While energy-saving light bulbs cost a few more dollars to buy than regular light bulbs, you will earn that money back in just a few short months. Over the course of the year, you are likely to save half the cost of light bulbs by choosing CFL bulbs.

Environmentally Friendly

Study after study seems to show a growing concern for the health of the environment. Many people want to do their share to protect the earth, but do not know where to start. LED or CFL bulbs are a good starting place because it is an inexpensive and efficient way to help protect the earth. Not only will it mean that fewer light bulbs are being disposed of each year, but they also help to conserve energy.

Studies show that if every household in the country decided to replace at least one light bulb in their home with an LED bulb, it would save enough energy to provide lights to three million households for one entire year. Furthermore, it would prevent the release of 9 billion pounds of toxic greenhouse emissions from entering the atmosphere. This could make a huge impact on the environment if everyone did their share.

Cut Costs

Best of all, LED and CFL light bulbs are specifically designed to help reduce your home utility bills. It is estimated that about 5 to 10 percent of the average household’s electric bills go to covering the cost of light bulbs in the home. LED and CFL light bulbs are known to reduce the amount of electricity used by at least one-third. Combined, these factors can help to reduce your overall electric bill. According to the National Resource Defense Council, the average household may be able to save as much as $85 on their annual electric bill by installing these energy efficient light bulbs.

If replacing all the light bulbs in your home all at once seems too overwhelming, try replacing the light bulbs as they burn out. Within just a few months, your entire house will be equipped with energy saving light bulbs, and you can start earning your rewards. Do not forget about your outdoor lights as well, since they may be used just as much as your indoor lights. Be sure to shop for high quality LED and CFL lights from a provider with years of experience in the lighting industry and a trusted reputation.

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