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How to Beautify Your Garden Benches

Garden benches always look great on any lawn, regardless of their make and structure. They not only provide a place to sit and relax across the garden but at the same time add a distinct look in the yard space. With a bench present, you can create a cozy atmosphere around the house in which your family and friends can make lasting memories at.

But garden benches also need their own makeover from time to time. Decorating them not only makes them prettier but at the same time protects them from immediate wear and tear. With the proper accents, these benches will not only serve a functional purpose but as well give your garden a certain theme.Among the many ways to beautify your garden benches are:


Add cushions

Cushions make benches more comfortable to sit on. If you are aiming to place your bench inside a gazebo, then adding custom cushions will make them cozier to use, just like the sofas in your living room. Cushions for benches should be detachable so that they can be easily removed and cleaned from time to time. You may likewise cover them with fancy cases so that they will look great when attached to the bench.


Painting is one of the most versatile methods of beautifying garden benches. Paint can be applied on benches of all materials, such as plastic, wood, steel, and stone. When painting benches, however, it is important to treat them first, so that the paint won’t easily peel later on. You should also be aware of the right kind and color of paint to use, as applying wood paint on concrete may not be able to bring out the best features of the bench.

Varnishing. Varnishing serves both as a decorative and protective coating for wooden benches, as these are among the easiest to wear and tear over time. The good thing about varnishing is that you have several colors and shades to choose from, so you can change the way your furniture looks after some time. Clear varnish is recommended if you want to retain the natural color of the bench, while you can also go for lighter or darker shades, in case you are looking to change its style.

Parts replacement

There are also times when you can replace the parts of the bench to change its structure. This works mainly on wooden benches, but may as well be applied on stone and steel benches. For wood benches, you can change the planks for the seats, or replace new legs to promote a more stable structure and as well give a decorative style. You can also do the same for concrete benches, as you can place wood or plastic planks on top of the stone seats. Wood and steel also go together; you may attach wooden shards to create rests on a metal bench to make it more comfortable to sit on. If you have the right carpentry skills, then this change will be worth the job.

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