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7 Ways to Market Your Business Using Social Media

Online advertising is about as powerful now as offline advertising. If done correctly, it might even have a stronger influence than the latter. Billboards’ equivalents are leaderboard ads of various sizes that are posted on the web to get targeted views from audiences. Snippets of these online ads are effective in converting sales, but with the use of social media, the rate of conversion can furthermore be increased. In this article, we will tackle the seven ways on how to market using these social networking sites that were once designed to share personal updates and stories with friends online.

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Advantages of Social Media in Business

Businesses of any size and from any location nowadays use social media to capture the interest in their target market. Social media is free of use and these enable them to share their message with a huge crowd. If only they know how to harness the power of social media seriously, they can deliberately grow their business from a healthy number of comments, responses, views, shares, likes, recommendations and follows from users on the web.

From startups to well-established businesses like Starbucks, Apple, Coca-Cola and the like, companies now are aware that social media can present them major opportunities regardless the industry they are operating in. As we are in the Internet era and people can access online sites easily, embracing social media marketing as part of your business is an essential step to take. Unless you want to be lagging your competitors in pursuing leads and expanding with social media reach, start today and join these biggest sites.

7 Ways to Market Your Business Using Social Media


Twitter is a straightforward tool you can use to communicate with your customers and potential clients. As a micro-blogging platform that allows only up 140 characters per tweet, you can reach out to answer concerns and knowledge about the latest interests of the common people by using the trend searches tool. By clicking or searching for the different words with hashtags, you will be able to connect to a lot of Twitter users and potentially network with leads. Build up and recruit people who will follow you to promote your business to this circle. As tweets can be sent either using the PC, laptop, netbook or smartphone, it is very easy to get access and connect with your twitter followers and advertise on your latest offerings.


Facebook is the largest social networking site now and the population of users that have a registered account here is even growing each day. Facebook is free and easy to use both for individuals and businesses. Facebook offers business the liberty to create their own pages and has users “Like” their profile to follow updates and news about the company. Facebook also allows the creation of Facebook ads in the sidebar and the promotion of posts and pages with a cost. You can utilize the Facebook page to upload photos of your products in separate albums, upload videos of teasers of your product launches and business events, post status messages about building an app for giveaways and so much more. You can analyze the statistics of the view counts and shares using their built-in analytics tool to further learn about your leads and customers.


YouTube is the perfect place to upload and share videos for promotion nowadays. Since almost everyone knows about it, you can get your message across to your audience easier than before. You can embed YouTube videos on your blog, post it on Facebook, tweet the video site URL to Twitter and a lot of other platforms. Your business can have its own YouTube video channel where all the videos related to your niche or your company can be posted.


Before Facebook, MySpace must be the biggest social medium out there on the web. Although Facebook has taken over now, many users have retained their accounts in MySpace, and as a business, you can specifically use this as an avenue where you can target leads who are interested in the creative. They are mostly sharing music, art, and fashion. Through MySpace, you can maintain your presence and authority by sharing releases and highlight what’s new to your devoted fans.


When it comes to pictures, Flickr reigns in the online community. Besides the fact that Flickr accounts can be made for free, sharing media such as pictures and videos is easy and also fun. As a business, maximize the advantage of using Flickr to share photos of your company events and products or service. Then link up these contents to your email subscribers, website or blog RSS readers, and other social networks. The more you generate interest in your audience and lure more visitors to your site, the better. Flickr is owned by Yahoo!, so if you have an account Yahoo!, you can easily access a Flickr account.


Pinterest is another great avenue when you can advertise your business. Especially if your offerings are mostly catered to the female population who are interested in baking, crocheting, arts, and crafts, this is the best way to go. By posting pins and enabling other users to re-pin your pins, you would create a snowball effect and achieve successful marketing through Pinterest. Now you can connect Pinterest to your blog, Facebook page, and others. Invite people to follow your Pinterest board and make them feel astonished by your rich visuals.


Google created another opportunity for marketers and entrepreneurs to market their profiles on the Google+ Pages. Aside from the individual profile, you can have your business account as well. This is a great way to interact with your existing and potential customers. Just make sure that all your claims about your products or service, as it’s never right to mislead or deceive consumers. Making an account on Google+ is no longer an optional choice but a mandatory one. Google will continue revolutionizing businesses whereby it can no longer be ignored by those seeking to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Social media for advertising and are flourishing and they will continue to be effective tools in marketing for years to come, as projected by many social media experts and webmasters. So as a company, it is truly advisable to create your accounts and build your pages in these suggested sites for a start. Social media makes your company “human,” and people will more be empowered to connect and forge interactions with you. If you are not too keen to participate in these social media yourself, you can hire a professional social media manager to manage your profiles online.

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